Smallest, Most Powerful Lifter – With The Industry’s Best Safety Factor
(3.5 X Above Maximum Rated Load)

Best Safety Factor Available
All our lifting magnets have a safety factor of 3.5 times the maximum rated load.
  • Safety Factor 3.5X above max rating
  • Lift flat or round stock
  • Capacity up to 6,600 lbs., …higher with spreader bars
  • Will not wear out like straps/slings
  • Less risk of pinched fingers or toes
  • Much faster setup and transport

Watch a live demonstration video for more information.

Application Examples

ELM lifters feature super-powerful rare-earth neodymium iron boron lifting magnets that require no electricity and have dozens of uses. Load and unload plate, block, or round steel and iron stock. Use them on press molds, machined parts, and other ferrous materials. Use spreader bars to lift large material.

The Old Way: Material Handling

  1. Risk of Injury
    Risk of injury to back, fingers, or toes when moving material in order to position sling or chain.
  2. Slings & Chains Wear Out
    Lifting equipment needs to be recertified and replaced periodically.
  3. Lost Productivity
    It takes time to properly setup slings or chains to safely move materials.

How It Works:

Each ELM lifting magnet contains super powerful rare earth magnets arranged in 3 rows.
    Never attempt to turn the magnet ON unless it is placed on a correctly sized piece of material to be moved, or you may cause injury to yourself, or the ELM lifting magnet. Always follow all instructions carefully.

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