sPINner Machine Includes

  1. sPINner pin media and
  2. deburring container
  3. Deburring solution and
  4. media separating sieve
  5. Operation manual

Use multiple containers to increase the number of parts you can deburr in one cycle.


EHD-765 high-capacity machine

sPINner deburring is gentle and safe and the operator can pull parts by hand durring operation to check deburring progress.

Filtration system reduces the need for changing deburring solution, so production time is optimized and parts are sparkling clean.
Choose the sPINner machine that fits your needs. Typical deburring cycles are only 15-20 minutes, and all sPINner machines allow variable intensity and duration of deburring cycles using the programmable control panel.

You can also increase or decrease the deburring action by changing the diameter and length of media. Choose the size required for your part from the table on the next page.

For high-volume, continuous cycle deburring we recommend EDH-SFS200 filtration system. (left)

sPINner pin media can deburr holes and
internal part features other media cannot reach.
Part No. L x W x H Tank Size L x W Container Size W x H Power Supply Amps Weight

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EHD-716 10.5" x 9" x 11.5" 6.25" x 6.25" - 110V - 36 lbs.
EHD-728 19" x 19" x 37" 11" x 11" 9" x 8" 220V Single Phase 5 160 lbs.
EHD-735 23" x 26" x 34" 15" x 16" 13" x 9" 220V Single Phase 10 220 slb.
EHD-750 29" x 30" x 36" 21" x 23" 19" x 10" 220V Single Phase 15 385 lbs.
EHD-765 37" x 39" x 43" 29" x 26.75" 25" x 10" 220V Single Phase 10 516 lbs.
EDH-SFS200 SFS filtration system for high-volume deburring applications      
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